The fever of Princess Elsa and Princess Anna in the 3D Frozen movie is sweeping in many countries. Many countries are affected by princess frozen characters. Yes, the characters in frozen films are indeed easy to remember by many children, because besides being beautiful, the story in the film is very interesting to watch. The film story of Frozen is inspired by Snow White, where love is still the key to miracles. But love in frozen movies is love between families, so this film is very suitable for children to watch.

Frozen Fever Coloring Pages Anna

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Long story short, this frozen 3D film tells about 2 brothers, namely the royal princess named Princess Elsa and Princess Anna. Princess Elsa was blessed with a very powerful force that is the power to freeze or make snow and ice. One day Princess Anna who is the sister of Princess Elsa invited to play to create a place to play snow in the kingdom. After the two of them were engrossed in playing, Princess Elsa’s power accidentally hit her sister to make Princess Anna unconscious. Elsa was very sorry about the incident. Until they grow up, Princess Elsa always shut herself up because she thinks the strength she has will endanger the people around her.

Frozen Fever Coloring Pages Elsa and Anna

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Until one day Elsa’s strength became very strong especially when she was nervous and close to men. Eventually, Princess Elsa went into exile on a mountain top to build an ice kingdom, and no one was able to get there. Villages around the kingdom were affected by snowstorms due to the strength of Princess Elsa. The population is very scared and sad, the kingdom that was prosperous and fertile became lonely, and had snowstorms. As a sister, Princess Anna wanted to persuade her sister to go home and return to the kingdom while stopping the snow disaster. That’s where the adventure between Princess Anna was accompanied by Kristof (the young ice seller and donkey she had).

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