Well, why do we have to study? We learn because in our daily lives we have to do many things that we do not necessarily know how to do, and that we call “problems”. For example, in order to be able to convey our desires to others properly and correctly, we must know how to communicate. In order to communicate, we must be able to read and write. However, that is not enough, we must know to whom we should discuss our desires, with what choices of words, when and where the right place to talk about it. All steps of communication are not suddenly mastered. We must learn it, or rather, we change from not yet mastered how to communicate to be able to communicate. Thus, we learn to communicate because we have problems communicating.

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So which is more important, playing, working or studying? Are there jobs or games that do not require knowledge to carry out the work or the game?.  Every job or game has a set of knowledge that must be carried out by its workers or players. So, it is actually not a problem which is more important between working, playing or studying. The real problem is how learning activities make someone master various jobs and games.

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