In 1984, Nike and NBA player Michael Jordan joined forces to launch one of the world’s most iconic brands: Jordan Brand. During the period in which Jordan played still professional basketball, every season, the brand released a new sneaker, and it was the Jordan shoe that year. You just download  Jordan Coloring Book Basketball Shoes.

Air Jordan Coloring Book

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According to a sneakers resale expert, children from 1984 to 2003 — Jordan leaving NBA as a player for good— were a major part of the brand’s success. The product revenues declined in 2014 just as fashion trends were come and go.

Jordan Coloring Book Basketball Shoes

Jordan Coloring Book Basketball Shoes. Image via

In 1984, Nike worked with Michael Jordan to launch the player’s shoe brand, Jordan Brand. Nike was a struggling brand that sold running shoes to reinvent itself as an athletic star company. Get Jordan Coloring Book Basketball Shoes.

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ESPN said recruiting the then-budding NBA rookie was not so straightforward for the organization. Nike would have offered Jordan five years in cash $500,000 a year, hoping to persuade him that he would be on board.

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Jordan truly wanted to work with Adidas for Nike unfortunately. But Adidas really wasn’t a choice for Jordan since at the time the company underwent a change in leadership.  You get Jordan Coloring Book Basketball Shoes.

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