Who is the most dangerous Ghoul from the Tokyo Ghoul series? These are the 10 most dangerous Ghouls in the Tokyo Ghoul series! You are going to get Tokyo Ghoul Coloring Pages Chibi taken from these sheets.

Tokyo Ghoul Coloring Pages Chibi

Tokyo Ghoul Coloring Pages Chibi. Image via https://artoverdose-g-d.deviantart.com

In the Tokyo Ghoul series, Ghoul is known as a race that has a human form but eats humans to survive. Therefore, these Ghouls began to be seen as dangerous creatures by humans. Now, of the many Ghouls, which ones are the most dangerous Ghouls?

Tokyo Ghoul Coloring Pages Eto

Tokyo Ghoul Coloring Pages Eto. Image via http://www.sketchite.com

To find out the most dangerous Ghouls, of course, we must use a benchmark. Now, in the Tokyo Ghoul series, each Ghoul is given their hazard rating by CCG — a special organization formed to deal with Ghoul. This rating is what we will use in making this list. Well, what do you waiting for? take Tokyo Ghoul Coloring Pages Chibi with you and get ready to take!

Tokyo Ghoul Coloring Pages Juuzou

Tokyo Ghoul Coloring Pages Juuzou. Image via http://manga-line.deviantart.com

There are quite a lot of Ghouls with an SS rating in this series, but Donato deserves to be included in the list of the 10 most dangerous Ghouls. Donato, of course, possessed extraordinary strength, causing him to get an SS rating. But what made Donato truly dangerous was not his strength, but his intelligence and knowledge of the world of Ghoul. This also caused CCG to not immediately kill Donato after arresting him because CCG wanted to extract a lot of information from him.

Tokyo Ghoul Coloring Pages Kaneki Ken

Tokyo Ghoul Coloring Pages Kaneki Ken. Image via http://cloudsofdarkness.deviantart.com

Tokyo Ghoul Coloring Pages Rize

Tokyo Ghoul Coloring Pages Rize. Image via http://mangajam.com

The younger brother of Touka Kirishima, Ayato has a fighting ability that cannot be underestimated. This was proven by his recruitment into the Aogiri Tree – a very dangerous Ghoul organization in the Tokyo Ghoul. Not to mention, after Aogiri Tree was destroyed, he then joined a new organization called Goat where Ken Kaneki was leading as One-Eyed King there.

Tokyo Ghoul Coloring Pages Touka

Tokyo Ghoul Coloring Pages Touka. Image via http://devi-moon.deviantart.com

The main character in the Tokyo Ghoul series. Ken Kaneki is one of the characters who experienced extreme psychological changes many times. Since being tortured by Yamori, Kaneki experienced a change in which he became berserk and fight without fear at all. Since then, he ate Yamori and started to become a Kakuja. The madness and strength he possessed made Kaneki get an SS rating. Just hold Tokyo Ghoul Coloring Pages Chibi for a quick learning!

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