Tortoise is allowed to live in a small place, the point is that what matters is watery. See the picture below (with my dear kame model).  In a bucket that members a little space to move. This treatment tortured them !!! Tortoise is a creature that likes to swim and sunbathe once in a while. Just imagine if you live in a room that can only stand up, is that good ?? So that’s how they feel. You can see the picture of the turtle on Red Eared Slider Turtle Coloring Pages.

Red Eared Slider Turtle Coloring Pages

Red Eared Slider Turtle Coloring Pages. Image via

There are 2 people who I know exactly do that. Riki’s friend has a Brazilian turtle that has been in his bucket for a dozen years. My old neighbors also have turtles (not red ear sliders) that have lived in such a small place for 15 years.

Sea Turtle Coloring Pages

Sea Turtle Coloring Pages. Image via

Turtles live in little water. Ah, this was my mistake. See the picture (with my model still cute and cute). Staying in a plastic container can be quite moving, but the water is only limited to the carapace.

Turtle Coloring Pages Cartoon

Turtle Coloring Pages Cartoon. Image via

Turtle Coloring Pages Cute

Turtle Coloring Pages Cute. Image via

That little water is indeed used for them to swallow food because they don’t have saliva and tongue to swallow so they use the help of water but the shallow water makes them unable to swim freely. Get Red Eared Slider Turtle Coloring Pages. 

Turtle Coloring Pages Printable

Turtle Coloring Pages Printable. Image via

Turtle Coloring Pages Realistic

Turtle Coloring Pages Realistic. Image via

But as I all know … making a big aquarium requires big money too and not everyone can afford to spend millions to make an aquarium. You can use a plastic container for a while. Look for the biggest one !! I have a size of 125 liters. For a while, because Kame had not reached his maximum size, he could live peacefully in that container … but he had to move as an adult.

Turtle Coloring Pages To Print

Turtle Coloring Pages To Print. Image via

Make a basking area or a place for sunbathing completely with UV lamps. See the image below. The basking area is made of plastic cardboard complete with stairs up and lights right on it (covered with a cloth so that the lamp does not heat the plastic). The process of making a basking area. What do you waiting for? Quickly get Red Eared Slider Turtle Coloring Pages.

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