The Seahaws transferred Interim Coach Mike McCormack to his first office and appointed the Chuck Knox as their head coach, after an incredible 1982 season (which was abridged by a players ‘ strike). Throughout 1983, the Seahawks battled for a 6-6 playoff berth. The Seahawks then kicked the heads of the City of Kansas 51-48 in week 13, in order to start triumphant. They took 2 of the 3 subsequent games to win the first playoff posts in the country. You can get Seahawks Coloring Pages Logo.


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In the wildcard playoffs, Denver Broncos and its rookie John Elway 31-7 were shut down by the SeahaWks. The Seahawks played the Miami Dolphins dramatically the next week in the Miami Orange Bowler, coming from behind. Well, what do you waiting for? take Seahawks Coloring Pages Logo. 

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In fact, the 1986 season is known to be one of the “wearyers.” A losing4-game series spoiled a 5-2 start. The team then improbably took on a role to convince them to win their last 5 games. This included a 31-14 road victory over the thanksgiving Dallas Cowboys,a 37-0 shutout on Monday’s Night Football of the Los Angeles raiders and a 41-16 season win over the Denver Broncos Super Bowl band.

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The Seahawks were not qualified for playoffs despite their 10-6 record owing to a tiebreaker. Throughout 1986, both the Super Bowl participants (Denver and the New York Giants) were fought by them only. Get Seahawks Coloring Pages Logo.

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