Did you know that there is a coloring page named Sailor Moon Coloring Pages? Well, how far did you know about sailor moon?

The 90s generation must be familiar with the Sailor Moon animation series originating from Japan.  to celebrate Sailor Moon’s 20th birthday. The animation picture has changed a lot, and better than the early Sailor Moon era, when it first appeared on the screen.  The sailor soldiers were divided into two. The first sailor soldier who guarded the Silver Millennium and the inner solar system. Second is the soldiers outside the work of the moon who guard the outer solar system. Before watching the film, let us know more about the characters of the characters in the film Sailor Moon:

Sailor Moon Coloring Pages Chibi

Sailor Moon Coloring Pages Chibi. Image via http://coloringsuite.com

Sailor Moon Coloring Pages Free

Sailor Moon Coloring Pages Free. Image via http://www.bestcoloringpagesforkids.com

Queen Serenity is the leader of the Silver Millennium. On earth, he was named Usagi, a spoiled, very whiny girl. When it had changed, Sailor Moon was still sappy, but with the help of Luna the black cat with the moonstick on his forehead, Usagi could fight his enemies.

Sailor Moon Coloring Pages Crystal

Sailor Moon Coloring Pages Crystal. Image via http://freecoloringpages.co.uk

Sailor Moon Coloring Pages Luna

Sailor Moon Coloring Pages Luna. Image via http://azcoloring.com

Chibiusa is the son of Usagi and Mamoru from the future who always carry Luna P balls everywhere. A good friend with Sailor Pluto who feels proud because Chibiusa can change to Sailor Chibi Moon.

Endymion is the protector of planet earth. After marrying Serenity, Endymion stayed on the moon. Mamoru is Endymion’s reincarnation on earth, a high school student who can turn into a masked Tuxedo. In addition to the rose which is its trademark, Masked Tuxedo also has psychic powers, including psychometry and healing.

Sailor Moon Coloring Pages Minako

Sailor Moon Coloring Pages Minakoc. Image via http://www.zerochan.net

Sailor Moon Coloring Pages Printable

Sailor Moon Coloring Pages Printable. Image via http://www.bestcoloringpagesforkids.com

Ami is a very smart student, IQ is above average. Mercury planet protectors that use water-based attacks and intelligence of intelligence are also called warriors of justice and wisdom. His quiet and calm personality makes it easy for him to think clearly in the face of the enemy.

Sailor Moon Coloring Pages To Print

Sailor Moon Coloring Pages To Print. Image via https://www.pinterest.com

Sailor Moon Coloring Pages can be downloaded for free. All the coloring pages can be grabbed directly.

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