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The story of Stranger Things happened in 1983. Will Byers is only a normal child fan of Dungeons & Dragons who lives with his mother and brother. But suddenly Will vanished without a trace. Will’s loss greatly affected his mother, Joyce (played by Winona Ryder) and her brother, Jonathan (Charlie Heaton). Although the police had investigated this case, both of them still tried their own way to trace Will’s footsteps.

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Stephen King’s stories usually highlight supernatural events in small American cities. A similar theme was taken by Stranger Things. The serial setting even took place in the 1980s, just like the classic stories from King. This 80s background is presented in detail and accurately, with visual representations, so that you who have witnessed Stephen King’s classic adaptation can even be nostalgic.

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The Stranger Things also has elements from Silent Hill. A secret conspiracy involving super-power children? There is. The old man who panicked his son lost, until he got involved in supernatural phenomena? There is. There is even one element from Silent Hill which is also used by this series. What? It will be more interesting if you watch it yourself, but when you see it, you will know what it means!

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