Coloring books for adults were popular a few years ago. You might frown if you see someone who has grown up filling coloring books in public places.

Ballerina Coloring Pages For Girl

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The view of adults coloring the book is normal. In England, the coloring pencil is difficult to find because of that new hobby. The coloring is said to be a tool to focus attention to help you enjoy the moment. Even researchers from Otago University in New Zealand found that coloring activities which are carried out daily can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Yes, coloring is more than a waste of time.

Ballerina Coloring Pages For Kids

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This is based on research published in the Creativity Research Journal. The study involved 115 women aged 18-36 years who participated in daily coloring or daily logic puzzles, such as Sudoku, for a week.

Ballerina Coloring Pages Free

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All women were asked to report some of the psychological actions they experienced. Such as symptoms of depression, stress, anxiety, endurance, full attention at the beginning and end of the week.

Ballerina Coloring Pages Printable

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Those who participated in the coloring showed a much lower level of symptoms of depression and anxiety. However, both groups did show a better increase in awareness. So, still, don’t believe in coloring book effects?

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