The coloring page is called a tool to focus attention to help you enjoy the moment. Even researchers from Otago University in New Zealand have now found that coloring can really help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression if done every day. Yes, coloring is more than a waste of time. Research published in the Creativity Research Journal involved 115 women aged between 18 and 36 who participated in daily coloring or daily logic puzzles (such as Sudoku) for a week.

Batman Coloring Batmobile

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All women were asked to report some of the psychological actions they experienced (symptoms of depression, stress, anxiety, endurance, and full attention) at the beginning and end of the week. The level of symptoms of depression and their anxiety involved are much lower. However, both groups did show a better increase in awareness.

Batman Coloring Flying

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Batman Coloring For Kids

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Batman Coloring Free

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Batman Coloring Printable

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