The method used in testing the validity of the research data uses triangulation technique which is a technique of checking the validity of data by utilizing something else outside the data for the purposes of checking and comparing the data. The triangulation technique used in this study is the triangulation of data sources. The discovery of data is not directly used, but it is necessary to compare and check the trust of information obtained through different time and tools. 

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According to Paton that triangulation of data sources is done by way, namely comparing observational data with the results of interviews, comparing what say in public with what is said personally, comparing what people say about the research situation with what is said all the time, comparing the situation and perspective of someone with various opinions and views of other people such as ordinary people, people who are middle or high educated, people are and people government, and compare the results of interviews with the contents of a related documentation.


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Information was taken from one of the students who had learning difficulties, then compared with information from the Guidance and Counseling teacher. If there is a discrepancy or less relevant, the researcher takes information from the next sample. In the final results of the study, the researchers compared it again with the data from the observations made so that the final results were obtained which supported the data to be able to draw conclusions. If there are still differences, the researcher must be able to explain the difference, which aims to find the similarity of data with different methods.

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