Students workbook can function as student worksheets, for example in Student Books there are writing activities so students can work directly on Students’ work Books. In the Student Book, there are pages containing formats that can be used as worksheets to be compiled as portfolio material that can be used as a source of assessment of learning outcomes. It can also be used as Media Communication between Teachers and Students.

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Through the learning process by using Student Books, the teacher can get to know students better by observing the results of student work that has been designed in such a way in each lesson. The teacher can see the development of students’ knowledge, skills and attitudes in accordance with predetermined learning competencies.

Free Printable Workbooks English

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The workbook can be used also as a Keeper of Student Learning Track Record. All the results of the work done by students during the learning process will be contained in the Student Book so that the teacher and parents can see the learning trail and development of competencies during the learning process at each level. For students, all the learning track record is useful as a memento later.

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