Documentation method is an activity that looks for data about things or variables in the form of written data, such as books, diaries, transcripts, magazines, and so on. Data documents taken are data relating to the problem of investigation, namely data about students who experience problems in learning difficulties.

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Data analysis is one of the most important steps in research activities. Simplifying data into processes that are easier to read and interpreting through the compilation of both written and oral words from observed individuals.

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Analysis of the data in this study is a systematic process of searching and compiling, data obtained from interviews, observation, and documentation, by coordinating data into categories, describing into units, synthesizing, arranging into patterns, choosing which which is important and which will be studied, and conclusions so that it is easily understood by oneself and others. 

In accordance with the research techniques used by researchers in this study using descriptive analysis. Qualitative research on data presentation can be done in the form of brief descriptions, charts, and so on. Through the presentation of data, it will be easier to understand what is happening and plan further work.

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