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Pikachu is also famous for one of them because of the Pokemon cartoon series. (Pokemon) In the anime series or Pokemon movie, Pikachu is indeed one of the main characters with the trainer Ash Ketchum. This character is also quite slippery, hard to catch, and is notoriously rare. Surveys prove, however, once again, Pikachu turns out to be not the most popular pokemon.

Pokemon Coloring Pages Charizard Lizardon

Pokemon Coloring Pages Charizard Lizardon. Image via http://www.sketchite.com

Pokemon that can blow fire from their mouths get a sound 2 percent higher than Chansey and Horsea, but clearly still inferior to the popularity of Pikachu. The popularity of Poliwag and Squirtle, Pokemon that is good at the water field is still unable to stem the popularity of Pikachu. Poliwag only gets 34 percent of the votes, while Squirtle has 38 percent. Same, Charmander, Poliwag, and Squirtle are also still less popular than Pikachu.

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