Preschool age is not just about how to read, write, and count. However, you still need to prepare them for this. This age is the right age to invite children to learn to recognize letters in a fun way.

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For starters, do an introduction to how to recite letters in sequence through ABCD songs. This will make it easier for children to understand the concept of letters and how they sound. If the song helps children to pronounce letters correctly and sequentially, the use of letter board toys or the like helps children to recognize what the visual form of letters looks like.

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One thing to remember is that the concentration range of preschoolers is still short. The little one’s gross motor skills are rapidly increasing, so the focus is easily distracted. Therefore, learning to recognize letters needs to be packaged in a fun way. One of them is activities that make children move more than just sitting in a chair and writing on the table.

Abc Coloring Pages Alphabet

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