Nobody can hear you shout in space. It’s because the atmosphere in space is not–it’s a vacuum. Sound waves can’t pass by a vacuum. Outer space’ starts about 100 kilometers above Earth, where the air coat disappears all around the planet. You can get the sheets with Outer Space Coloring Pages.

Outer Space Coloring Pages

Outer Space Coloring Pages. Image via

For air to spread sunlight, the atmosphere seems like a dark blanket, with stars. Sunlight is white. Room is generally considered to be totally empty. This is not true, however. However. you can get the collections here on Outer Space Coloring Pages.  
Space Coloring Pages Astronauts

Space Coloring Pages Astronauts. Image via

Space Coloring Pages Free

Space Coloring Pages Free. Image via

Space Coloring Pages Rocket And Planets

Space Coloring Pages Rocket And Planets. Image via

The huge gaps between the stars and the planets contain huge quantities of polluted gas and waste. There are even a few hundred atoms or molecules per cubic meter in the emptiest parts of Space.

Space Coloring Pages Space Ship

Space Coloring Pages Space Ship. Image via

Trippy Space Coloring Pages

Trippy Space Coloring Pages. Image via

Space is also full of other radiation sources that are unsafe to astronauts. Most of the light from the Sun comes from the infrarot and ultraviolet. High power x-rays, gamma rays and cosmic rays – particles that travel near the light speed – come from remote star systems. Just get Outer Space Coloring Pages. 
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