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Christmas comes from the word Cristes maesse, a phrase in English which means Mass of Christ. The word Christmas is also often abbreviated as Xmas. In Greek, X is the first word in the name of Christ (Jesus).

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This letter is often used as a sacred symbol. Christmas is a Christian holiday to commemorate the birthday of Jesus Christ. No one knows the exact date of Christ’s birth, but most Christians commemorate Christmas Day on December 25.

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On that day, many went to church to attend special religious celebrations. During Christmas, they exchange gifts and decorate their homes with Christmas trees. Here use pine trees.

The story of Christmas (Christmas) comes from the Gospels of Saint Luke and St. Matthew in the New Testament. According to Luke, an angel appeared to shepherds outside the city of Bethlehem and informed them of the birth of Jesus. Matthew also tells how wise men, called Magi, followed bright stars who showed them where Jesus was. The first record of the commemoration of Christmas is 336 after Christ on the ancient Roman calendar, namely on December 25.

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This celebration was most likely influenced by the celebration of pagans (not Christians) at that time. As part of the celebration, people prepare special meals, decorate their homes with green leaves, sing together and exchange gifts. These habits eventually become part of the Christmas celebration. In the late 300s, Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire.

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Literacy Worksheets Reading

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