The coloring is a simple activity that is currently not only liked by children but liked by adults. The benefits of coloring may be more to train dexterity and motoric when toddlers must hold crayons or colored pencils correctly.

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However, with the proliferation of coloring activities, coloring has now become a part of the lives of children and adults, not only as an activity to fill empty time but also as self-actualization in the arts.


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Coloring activities have many benefits, It can be used as the medium of expression. Coloring activities especially coloring empty fields are a way to express children’s feelings. Doing coloring activities with crayons, colored pencils and color markers from early on can help children recognize color, so they can distinguish between one color and another.

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Color is a therapeutic medium for many people, even color is often used as a global language to read someone’s emotions. Coloring activities can practice concentration to stay focused on the work was done by the child even though there are many other activities that occur around him.

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Getting to know the image boundary is another benefit of coloring activities. This ability became the provision of children when they began to learn to write in a striped notebook.

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