Nativity Coloring Pages For Kids means the pages include several pictures about birth.  Normal Birth Type Normal copy is a baby born through the vagina with the location of the back of the head / small crown, without using aids, and does not hurt the mother or baby (except episiotomy). The normal labor process usually takes place in less than!  the existence of labor requires three of important actors, namely the strength of the mother when she receives, the condition of birth, and the state of the drug. All three must be in good condition so that the baby can be born. the liver, and enter the pelvic cavity. If in the second stage of labor, you will not be born and will not be born, while you have run out of energy to do it, then the doctor will do an assisted labor, which is labor using a tool called orsep or vacuum. If it doesn’t work, a cesarean section will be performed.

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Nativity Coloring Pages For Kids

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This can work to help pull the baby’s head when you answer. So the pull is done when you know, and when the cervix is ​​fully open and the baby’s head is in the pelvis section. The vacuum is done if there are indications of health harm and its Atau mother or child, or both. If the labor process is long enough so that the mother has lost a lot of energy, the doctor will take immediate action to remove the baby, for example by vacuum.

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Another condition in the mother, namely the presence of hypertension (preeclampsia) also is the reason for choosing vacuum as a labor aid. & even so, you should not feel too strong because you can increase your blood pressure and endanger you.

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