What is Psychedelic Coloring Pages? the words psychedelic seems rarely to know.

The word psychedelic comes from Greek (psycho, meaning mind, soul, and mental) and delic (delein, meaning to manifest, manifest / realize). Briefly, psychedelic can be called “soul manifesti” or realize “vision of mind.”

The term Psychedelic itself means a mental state in which people experience hallucinations and loss of consciousness due to external influences, such as drugs. In the era of the ’60s, artists used the help of medicines to achieve a psychedelic state, so the artwork created was called the Psychedelic Art.

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The psychedelic meaning as a whole is a thing/trait that is concerned with realizing mind-patterns, translating souls. Psychedelic is our ability to visualize what is in the mind into vision, which will feel very real (the effect of hallucinations). Psychedelic experiences are often compared to forms of consciousness such as trance, meditation, yoga, and dreaming.

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Psychedelic is a trend of art that dates back to the ’60s to the end’ 75s. This flow emerged spearheaded by young people who adhered to the hippie lifestyle, namely a hard free lifestyle that challenged cultural order, radicalism and hated government (due to the war that continued at that time).

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Psychedelic Coloring Pages Art. Image via http://ramadanjoy.com

Well, we are not going to teach you with the psychedelic. We just try to make an introduction about a coloring pages named Psychedelic Coloring Pages.

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