Did you know? By knowing the characteristics of students, the teacher foster and control student behavior, it will create a safe school that allows learning to run well.

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Creating a school that is safe, comfortable, and disciplined is very important so that students can achieve the best performance and the teacher can show the best performance.

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A school that is safe, comfortable and disciplined is a school whose citizens are free from fear, conducive to learning and the relationship between school members is positive. A safe, comfortable and disciplined school provides a clean and safe physical (building, class, yard) environment. The school also needs Preschool Printable Activities for Free Download as learning material.

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In addition to aspects of physical security, comfort or the so-called school climate, which concerns the atmosphere, feeling, the overall environment socially and emotionally the school must also be created positively. The factors that influence the comfort or climate of this school are the relationship or attachment between school members, the interaction between school members, mutual trust and mutual respect among school members. If the conditions of these factors are high, the more positive the school climate. Use Preschool Printable Activities for Free Download.

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