Pacman Coloring Pages Downloadable contains several pictures of Pacman. So, here is the story of Pacman.  Pacman made his inaugural arcade in 1979 in Japan under the title Man Puck, originally from Japan PakuPaku which showed the act of opening and closing his mouth.

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The game, created by Tohru Iwanati for the Japanese company Namco, made his Release May 22, 1980, in Japan and had immediate legendary success with 100,000 units sold that year.

Pacman Coloring Pages Ghost

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In 1981, MS Pacman was made out to attract players, the majority instead of being male players. In 1982, Super PacMan and Again PacMan appeared. Both extensions are characterized by random factor recognition and replacement of pellets with fruit. Then Pac and Pal, Junior Professor PacMan and PacMan made their appearance in 1983. Professor PacMan will fail because only 400 terminals will be produced. The failure continued the following year with the launch of Pacland, inspired by a TV series that offered nothing interesting to do with players. This is the end of the PacMan era after 4 years marked the history of the game.

Pacman Coloring Pages Ghostly Adventure

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In 1988, PacMan slowly returned to the market with the release of PacMania available on Megadrive and SPN. Namco is trying to innovate this 3D game including giving the possibility for PacMan to jump, but the game has many bugs, including not being able to drop some pills or ghosts seems to be more than 4. Back to 2D in 1993 with the PacAttack Game Boy release, a fun mix of Tetris and PacMan.

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The Pacman Coloring Pages Downloadable can be used in indoor or outdoor activity.