The Dachshund comes from the word Dachs which means Badger (a type of animal like a squirrel that lives underground usually found in many European countries) and Hound which means a German dog. This dog has a very sharp smell, he is very quick to know the existence of Badger animals even though they are underground. The Dachshund can easily trace the underground passageways made by Badger because of its small, short and long body. Therefore, now this dog is very happy to catch mice. This breed is now also widely used by the police to assist in drug tracing.

Dachshund Coloring Pages Dog

Dachshund Coloring Pages Dog. Image via

Dachshund Coloring Pages For Kids

Dachshund Coloring Pages For Kids. Image via

The dachshund has 3 types of feathers; short hair, long hair, and wire-haired. Color; black and tan, red and tan, red, brown sable, gray, and maple. Now many white Dachshunds are found in blue eyes. For show dogs, the Dachshund is required to be black and tan, red and tan, red, brown sable. The couple color is not allowed to take part in shows. Dachshund is an agile and playful dog. This dog is a dog that is easy to train, very loyal and is a great guard dog.

Dachshund Coloring Pages Free

Dachshund Coloring Pages Free. Image via

Dachshund Coloring Pages Funny

Dachshund Coloring Pages Funny. Image via

We provide you the coloring pages named Dachshund Coloring Pages which has several pictures of the Dog.

Dachshund Coloring Pages Pattern

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Dachshund Coloring Pages Printable

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Dachshund Coloring Pages are free. Just download the worksheets by clicking on the right then select save to download.

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