Did you know that there is a flower called lotus flower? The collection of Lotus Flower Coloring Page For Adults has several collections about the lotus flower.

Lotus Flower Coloring Page For Adults

Lotus Flower Coloring Page For Adults. Image via http://welshpixie.deviantart.com

Lotus Flower or its old name Nymphaea is a water plant from the tribe of Nymphaeaceae. Whereas in English it can be called water-lily. Even though the type is not the same but is still one genus. Nelumbo has the characteristics of the flowers above the water surface (not floating), the petals meet red and the shape is full circle. While the lotus petals appear more oval and contain more water.

Lotus Flower Coloring Page For Kids

Lotus Flower Coloring Page For Kids. Image via http://azcoloring.com

Even so, even now there are some similarities between the two genera so that the general public considers both of them in one species. For more details, let’s look at detailed descriptions of lotus flowers. This flower can be said to be the most unique than the others. You certainly have seen it if the lotus flower thrives on the surface of the water. Even on the surface of the mud, the flower turned out to be able to develop well.

Lotus Flower Coloring Page Free

Lotus Flower Coloring Page Free. Image via http://www.bestcoloringpagesforkids.com

It is clear that both leaves or flowers contain so much water. Then for the stem itself, it appears to be in the middle of the leaf. The round oval pattern on the leaves gives an increasingly attractive especially the place is cut off on the finger to the stem.

Lotus Flower Coloring Page Mandala

Lotus Flower Coloring Page Mandala. Image via https://bourseauxkamas.com

Another uniqueness, the absence of a layer of wax in the leaves so that the fall of water to the surface of the leaf does not form water droplets. Besides that, the lotus flower is an extension of the rhizome, so it looks longer and has a diameter of 5-10 cm. For the species, there are around 50 species spread throughout the tropics and subtropics in parts of the world.

Lotus Flower Coloring Page Printable

Lotus Flower Coloring Page Printable. Image via http://grig3.org

Moving on to the cultivation technique is actually not much different from an interest in general. But what you need to consider here is the adequacy of water. As the previous explanation if the lotus flower is more suitable to be above the water surface.

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So planting through a hydroponic system will further optimize growth and development, especially the type of irrigation continuously – then return to the original shelter. And if there is no choice, you can also plant it on a special pot that can hold more water.

That way, water intake for lotus flowers can be fulfilled. If only the media is only loose soil mixed with organic fertilizer or compost, of course, the results will not be optimal and even make it easy to wither or die.

Lotus Flower Coloring Page To Print

Lotus Flower Coloring Page To Print. Image via http://www.ueom.com

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