First and foremost, I must admit that Raichu is not the best (single) Pokémon Electric type. Use a GameShark, or spend a lot of time to make Raikou the legendary Pokémon if you want the best. But I’m going to stay with my Raichu for me (and go nuts when I see Raikou in my Silver Pokémon). However. you can get the collections here on Raichu Coloring Page Cute.

Raichu Coloring Page Cute

Raichu Coloring Page Cute. Image via

Two years ago, as Pokémon arrived in the United States back in 1998, I fell in love with Raichu. My Raichu named Rakurai was my first squad to be level 100 in my Pokémon Red match (I, of course, had the Pokémon tier 30 Marowak on my line. Get Raichu Coloring Page Cute For Kids for you. Take it from the page!

Raichu Coloring Page For Kids

Raichu Coloring Page For Kids. Image via

Raichu Coloring Page Free

Raichu Coloring Page Free. Image via

Alola Raichu has so many top-level counters, that’s not going to be hard to send. This surfer has to deal with some of Pokémon’s most severe damage in the game between Groudon, Tyranitar, Mewtwo, and Gengar. It is Legacy Shadow Claw / Shadow Ball Gengar, followed by Mewtwo, then Tyranitar and finally Groudon, which will be the fastest to win, but can very easily change, depending on the weather.

Raichu Coloring Page Pokemon

Raichu Coloring Page Pokemon. Image via

Raichu Coloring Page Printable

Raichu Coloring Page Printable. Image via

As you can see, the best weather for an Alola Raichu is either Sunny or Fog, which gives Raichu no benefits and boosts the likes of Groudon and Gengar. Take  Raichu Coloring Page Cute. 

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