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Ninja Coloring Pages For Kids

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People all over the world must know ninjas. You can go to any country and ask someone there to describe the characteristics of a ninja and you will get the same description, “A man dressed in black with a sharp sword and throwing a star-shaped weapon”. Ninja has made it into almost every form of media; video games, films, comic books, novels, and even radio dramas. Even Batman is a ninja!

Ninja Coloring Pages Free

Ninja Coloring Pages Free. Image via

The general perception of ninjas is so embedded that there are some scientists who believe that they never really existed. They are just a really interesting part of Japanese mythology that has been adapted and adopted by American culture. But, they are wrong. Ninja is real and the real facts about ninja are far more interesting than the myth. Ninja became famous for their exploitation in the 100-year period of Japanese history known as Sengoku Jidai or the time of war. At this time, the central government in Japan had basically collapsed and warlords scattered throughout the country began fighting each other for land, resources, and power. Ninja acts as an asymmetrical force against samurai, warlords, and soldiers. They are experts in spying, murder, and dissemination of misleading and misleading information. But the history of the origin of the ninja has existed long before that time.

Ninja Coloring Pages Pikachu

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The origin of ninjas can be found in bushi Yama (which means “mountain warrior”) and as sweet as it sounds, Yama bushi is actually not a soldier. They are branches of priests who live in the mountains and worship nature by almost completely alienating themselves from civilization. In other words, they are people who have very good survival skills. Yama Bushi generally settles in mountainous terrain and difficult terrain in Iga and Koka areas. Young ninjas will be trained in the techniques of survival by Yama bushi and will adjust these teachings for spying and murder.

Ninja Coloring Pages Printable

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Robot Ninja Coloring Pages

Robot Ninja Coloring Pages. Image via

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