Mathematical reasoning skills are needed in mathematics learning so it needs to be improved as well as motivation to learn mathematics because students’ mathematical reasoning abilities in many countries are still relatively low, there were still many students leaving mathematics in some high schools before the lesson was finished, from the study it was seen that there was still a low motivation to learn mathematics.

Math Practice Sheets Adding Complements

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Math Practice Sheets Addition

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Learning is the acquisition of a new experience by someone in the form of a relatively permanent behavior change, as a result of a process in the form of learning interactions with an object (knowledge), or through strengthening in the form of experience with an object in a learning environment.

Easter Math Worksheets - Subtraction Worksheet

Easter Math Worksheets – Subtraction Worksheet. Image via

Math Practice Sheets Multiplying And Dividing

Math Practice Sheets Multiplying And Dividing. Image via

Motivation and learning are two things that influence each other. Learning is a change in behavior that is relatively permanent and potentially occurs as a result of practice or reinforcement based on goals to achieve certain goals. Based on the description above the motivation to learn is the overall driving force both from within and from outside the student (by creating a series of efforts to provide certain conditions) that ensure continuity and provide direction to learning activities, so that the objectives desired by the subject of learning can be achieved.

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Math Practice Sheets Numbers

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