One of the easy and inexpensive activities to encourage children’s creativity is by coloring. Well, almost every child really likes this cheap activity. But have you known what the benefits are for the child’s growth process?  Coloring activities introduce children to a variety of colors.

Coloring Squared Multiplication

Coloring Squared Multiplication. Image via

Coloring Squared Division

Coloring Squared Division. Image via

From this activity, children can learn to distinguish between one color and another. Of course with the introduction of parents, so that our children can consistently recognize each color.

Coloring Squared Spongebob

Coloring Squared Spongebob. Image via

Some experts also think coloring can be an emotional therapy where children can express feelings or emotions that are felt. Whether feeling happy or sad.

Coloring Squared Subtraction

Coloring Squared Subtraction. Image via

When coloring, there are two most maximized parts of the body, the hands, and eyes. This, of course, will be very good at training the coordination of the two organs, because coloring also requires the carefulness of the child in seeing which parts they want to color.

Coloring Squared Unicorn

Coloring Squared Unicorn. Image via

We also have Coloring Squared for 2019, coloring sheets, which can be used as the media to support your students with the coloring activity.

Coloring Squared Addition

Coloring Squared Addition. Image via

Coloring Squared Disney

Coloring Squared Disney. Image via

Coloring Squared for 2019 can be downloaded for free. You need to click on the right and select save to download all the sheets.

All in all, we hope you like Coloring Squared for 2019.  You can download all the worksheets for free!

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