Characteristics of distance education (a) There is near permanent separation between teaching staff (teacher or lecturer) from teaching participants (students or students) during the education program (b) There is near permanent separation between a teaching participant (student or student) from the participant teach others during educational programs (c) There is an institution that manages its education program and (d) Utilization of both mechanical and electronic communication facilities to deliver teaching materials , and (f) Provision of two-way communication facilities so that participants can take dialogue initiatives and take advantage .

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Advantages and benefits (Benefit of Telecomputing for students) of distance education with the use of the Internet as a medium of education (a) Real-time and on-demands of online information, (b) Mobility access, flexible and practical (can be implemented at any time within their desires ) , (c) Reaching a broad geographical area , (d) User friendly, hassle-free and complicated , (e) Benefit in cost , reducing (saving) the cost of education as a whole (infrastructure, equipment, books, travel, procurement of education, etc.) , (f) Optimizing the quality of learning, (g) Less administrative papers, (h) Can complete conventional learning activities , (i) Safe and healthy learning methods , (j) Alternative learning media from children, adolescents, adults to parents, flexible learning without being tied to a schedule + fun , (k) Training learners more independently and developing in science and knowledge , (l) Flexible choosing the material we really want and only what we need right , and (m) Source of knowledge and information that is unlimited (even abundant), so the key is not to get all but filtering that we need only and save time in the teaching and learning process.

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