Before I discuss the animated film directed by Joy Batchelor and John Halas in 1954, let me introduce to you a George Orwell’s dystopian novel, which has the same title and underlies this film: Animal Farm (Animals in the first translation in Indonesia). George Orwell himself actually gave the title of his novel with Animal Farm: A Fairy Story. But when it was published in America, the sentence “A Fairy Story” was omitted because it was deemed incompatible with the share of children. In America and other Western Bloc countries, this novel is indeed projected to indoctrinate children to hate communism (read: Stalinism). You just need to download Farm Animal Coloring Pages Free For Students.

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The novel itself tells the story of the lives of animals at Manor Farm, a farm owned by a foolish man named Mr. Jones. After going bankrupt, Mr. Jones was happy to get drunk, making him always act harshly, not even caring about food for animals. Right at that time, Major, the old pig, dreamed that all humans would perish, and the animals would take care of their own lives (in this dream too he first heard a song that was reportedly always sung in the days of his great-grandmother).

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Another important thing is, Major feels that his life will not be long; he was too old and sickly. The Major Pigs then gathered all the Manor Farm animals in the main barn, gave speeches of all sorts, which basically suggested that the animals be united, then took over the ranch from a fool as a Mr. Jones. If you carefully read the speeches of Major, surely you will agree why animals must immediately rebel against humans. I personally agree. The speech was closed with a blue-hearted message. I quote for you to look carefully. You can use Farm Animal Coloring Pages Free For Students.


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“Keep in mind,” said the Major loudly, “Don’t let your guard down. Maintain your hatred of the human race and all its attitudes. Anything that goes on two legs, is our enemy. Anything that walks on four legs or has wings, is our friend. And remember, in a fight with the human race, do not ever imitate them. In fact, when you are able to conquer them, do not take away their moral depravity. Animals must not live in a house. Can’t sleep in the bed. Don’t wear clothes. Do not smoke. Don’t drink alcohol. Don’t touch money. Do not trade. All human habits are evil! And, I warn you, there must be no animals that are tyrants over other animals. Strong or weak, smart or stupid, we are all brothers. Animals must not kill fellow animals. All animals are equal! ” You just need to use Farm Animal Coloring Pages Free For Students.

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