Unicorns are mythological creatures that are described as horned horses. As a mythological creature, of course, many think that this animal is only an imagination or only exists in children’s fairy tales. In February 2016, researchers revealed that they found the latest Siberian unicorn fossils. You can get the sheets called Unicorn Coloring Book For Adults for free.

Unicorn Coloring Book For Adults

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The latest fossil findings changed the views of researchers. But from the fossils found in Kazakhstan, they realized that this extraordinary creature still existed until around 29,000 years ago. This proves that unicorns are real and explored the earth for tens of thousands of years ago. You just take Unicorn Coloring Book For Adults with you.

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Unfortunately, this unicorn isn’t like the one in a fairy tale book, the horned horse. Also read Revealed, Why the Unicorn Narwhal Pope Has Horns In a publication in the American Journal of Applied Science, researchers call this unicorn actually having the scientific name Elasmotherium sibiricum. He looks big and tall like a modern rhino. The difference is, this Siberian unicorn has a very large horn on its forehead. According to initial descriptions, Siberian unicorns are 2 meters high by 4.5 meters long and weighs around 4 tons.

Unicorn Coloring Book Free

Unicorn Coloring Book Free. Image via http://stadriemblems.us

The description certainly illustrates that this creature is closer to the size of a mammoth (ancient elephant) than the size of a horse. Despite their enormous size, these animals are thought to be grass-eaters. The estimated age of this fossil (29,000 years ago) was carried out by researchers from Tomsk State University, Russia using radiocarbon dating techniques. Well, what do you waiting for? get  Unicorn Coloring Book For Adults. 

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