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Game Of Thrones Coloring Book

Did you know about the game of thrones? Are you one of the fan? Well, we have Game Of Thrones Coloring Book only for you who are the fan of the game of thrones.

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Lisa Frank Coloring Book

Did you know about Lisa Frank? Lisa Deborah Frank is an American businesswoman, founder of Lisa Frank Incorporated, headquartered in Tucson, Arizona. He is known for producing strange commercial designs for school supplies and other products that are marketed primarily for children.

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Mandala Coloring Book

Some meanings about Mandala are Sanskrit term for the diagram that symbolizes the universe, East Asian design art that symbolizes the universe, with a pattern on the circle/point axis as the center.

In the approach of Hinduism, the notion of Mandala is related to the understanding of Yantra, Sri chakra and Shiva lingga. Yantra is a geometric shape like – in its simplest form – a point (Bindu) or an inverted triangle. There are various forms that are very complicated, symmetrical and non-symmetrical, which can be called Yantra.

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Coloring Book For Adult Free

A coloring book can be used not only in the class but also outside the class. You can hold an event where there are many people who like to draw. The event can be about sharing session, talking about new techniques, or complementing and giving the suggestions about color.

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Harry Potter Coloring Book

Harry Potter is a film made from year 2001 till 2011. This film created based on the Novel of Harry-Potter series which were written by JK Rowling. JK Rowling is a woman author who writes more than 5 series. You can watch the Harry Potter series on your own gadget. You can also buy the tickets and see the film at the cinema.

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