Have you ever seen Simple Coloring Pages? 

The Simple Coloring Pages is our newest coloring pages which are available for you.

Simple Coloring Pages Tree

Simple Coloring Pages Tree. Image via http://coloring.rocks

Simple Coloring Pages Leaf

Simple Coloring Pages Leaf. Image via https://printablecoloringpages.in

As it’s named,  Simple Coloring Pages, the coloring pages is created for you who like to teach your students with simple pictures.  At that age, childlike to color the simple thing as long as it is clear.

Simple Coloring Pages Fruit

Simple Coloring Pages Fruit. Image via http://stadriemblems.us

Simple Coloring Pages Flower

Simple Coloring Pages Flower. Image via http://stadriemblems.us

when a child does the coloring, the intelligence that develops is actually a lot. First, the fine motor coordination, especially how he moves his fingers and hands to be able to color. Second, cognitively, he will recognize and manipulate colors. Third, emotionally he can express his emotional needs. For example, when you are angry or sad, of course, the coloring process will not be as beautiful as when the child is happy.

Simple Coloring Pages Fish

Simple Coloring Pages Fish. Image via http://animalia-life.club

Simple Coloring Pages Butterfly

Simple Coloring Pages Butterfly. Image via http://azcoloring.com

For 4-year-olds, to be able to color beautifully, a number of activities can be tried. To use the coloring tool,  it is good for the smaller the child to use the bigger tool, for example, 2-year-olds are better to use giant markers or crayons, while 4-year-old children can use colored pencils that are quite large in diameter, then when they are smoothly coloring then use a small colored pencil.

Simple Coloring Pages Airplane

Simple Coloring Pages Airplane. Image via http://coloring.rocks

Mother, usually only children with extraordinary intelligence can color neatly at this age. So Mother doesn’t need to worry too much if she’s still in a mess. But with more learning opportunities, of course, the longer he will be more skilled at coloring.

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