Beauty is one thing that is always desired by a woman, who does not want to look beautiful in front of a man who is liked or in front of friends. Already the essence of women wants to look beautiful and attractive. In history or mythologies, many tell beautiful women and their roles, not infrequently also due to the beauty of women, war and conflict.

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In history itself there are women who are very beautiful, for the sake of this woman thousands of people are willing to die for her, there are also many men who try to kidnap her, a woman named Helen is one of the objects of the most dramatic love stories in history. Because he was the one who became the reason for the ten-year war between Greece and the Trojan, at this time it is known the history with the name Trojan war. Try to use Recolor Coloring Book Beauty PrintableĀ to fell the sensation of beauty.

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For the sake of fighting over him, Greece launched so many warships to Troy just to take Helen. Damal mythology, Helen has the lineage of the gods, Helen is considered the daughter of the king of the gods, Zeus. His mother was named Leda, wife of King Sparta, Tyndareus. Sunguh was sad to read the history of Helen’s beauty, because of her beauty which caused Paris to kidnap to cause the Trojan war.

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Outsiders are usually female beauty to be able to change and even create history. Not surprisingly, today women flock to beautify themselves in all ways even though it is very painful. Starting from Botox injections, breast implants, even at the most despicable level according to most men, do plastic surgery by changing the state of the face and skin from the real one just to pursue beauty.

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This situation can be based on the mindset that has been embedded in every woman, that we as women will look beautiful and tempting if they have smooth white skin, shiny long straight hair, a high-standing nose, rosy lips, slim body, and have big breasts. Maybe this has also become the nature of a woman who wants to always look beautiful and charming like the figure pictured earlier.

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No wonder there are so many beauty tools and products on the market, all of these products are only to satisfy women’s desires to look beautiful. Women as a mine for beauty product producers, by playing the illusion of beauty utilizing the nature of women who always want to look beautiful and attractive, through advertising manufacturers play women’s awareness.

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