Self-esteem is accepting ourselves as we are. Is not one source of peace and joy is the attitude of accepting who we are? Accepting yourself is not an innate gift but a fruit or the result of the learning process. So we need to teach children to accept themselves.

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In life, we often see people who always feel ‘less’, less beautiful, less rich, and so on, so they don’t feel happy. Feeling not as rich as A-A or not as fortunate as B-B, that is a picture of people who have low self-esteem, so they always need support from the people around him so he feels better about himself.

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Every stage of human life, especially in childhood and adolescence, self-respect is very influential in the development of children. Self-esteem is one of the important conditions for the success of children in school. Smart kids but low self-esteem can get less than optimal results. While children who have average intelligence but strong self-esteem are usually successful.

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Children with low self-esteem tend to get a little satisfaction from school and easily lose motivation and interest. Low self-esteem can hamper good achievement in school, and poor performance will increase low self-esteem.

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Research shows, children with high self-esteem will feel more valuable and have positive feelings about the surrounding environment such as family, and friends.

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They tend to be more easily friends, can control their behavior, be cooperative and are able to follow rules. They are also more creative, full of energy and generally happy. In addition, there is a high relationship between self-esteem and health. You can use Printable Reward Charts Usable for free. Just use it quick!

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