From a Christian point of view, pagans are usually described as the ones caught up in any non-Christian religious ceremony, act, or practice. The word pagans often applies to Jews and Muslims outside of their faith, similarly. Take Pagan Coloring Pages Free.

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Many people argue that pagan is anyone lacking faith, while others say that paganism is no one except Islam, Muslims, Judaism, or Christianity. Pagan comes from the Latin paganus word meaning “land dweller;” paganism may be referred to as polytheism or worship of more than one god, for example in ancient Rome. Get Pagan Coloring Pages Free.

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These modern “pagan” practices are indeed similar to their old counterparts, because they rely heavily on hedonism— sensual gratitude and self-indulgence and a search for happiness and enjoyment to the exclusion of every else. Sexual acts were a major part of pagan religions in ancient times.

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Most pagan worshipers claim that, despite common assumptions, they don’t believe Satan. Yet Satan is no longer the main source of influence and control. There is no dispute. Although they deny it, in their worldly and sensual practices they defy Him. Take Pagan Coloring Pages Free. 

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