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Mario Coloring Pages And Luigi

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Who is Mario actually? you may be familiar with a thick mustache red shirt complete with a letter ‘M’ on his head. Yes, everyone must know the figure of Mario. But who knows the name Long Mario or other unique facts? If you are curious about the unique facts behind Mario, please read on this article.

Mario Coloring Pages And Sonic

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Mario first appeared in the Donkey Kong game. When the first appearance of Mario does not yet have a nickname, Mario is only called by the name “Jumpman”. Even Mario was called by Mr. Video Game in Japan. The name Mario was given because Mario’s character is very similar to the leadership of the Italian Nintendo American named Mario Seagle. Shigeru Miyamoto was well aware that Japanese names would be difficult for the general public to accept and would reduce the popularity of his character outside Japan.

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Mario actually works as a carpenter, not a plumber like now. Believe it or not, his work as a plumber has never been brought into the game, even the plumbing in the Super Mario Bros game functions as a means of transportation. Mario’s expertise in improving plumbing was highlighted in the animated series. Mario actually has several other professions, such as doctors in the game Dr. Mario, archaeologist in Mario Picross and toy maker in the Mario vs. game. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis. Currently, Mario often changes jobs following the game title he is starring in. Sometimes Mario becomes a basketball player, soccer athlete and so on.


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Mario Coloring Pages To Print

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