Ks1 Printable Worksheets Different Subjects can be downloaded for free. It contains several worksheets which you can use for the homework.


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Homework is a task in the form of questions that a teacher gives to his students to do at home. The initial goal of giving homework is because there are some students who do not have the motivation to study at home so it is expected that homework is one reason students want to study at home.

Ks1 Printable Worksheets Math

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How is the history of creating a burden of pleasure called homework? Homework was first introduced by Roberto Nevilis. Roberto first created homework for his students in Venice, Italy in 1095. As a teacher, Robert wanted his students to do assignments that could be done at home so parents had a guide on what to teach their children at home.

Ks1 Printable Worksheets English

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Initially, homework was given to students who were naughty as punishment, but seeing the benefits of public relations was so great that it was also given to all of their students. This phenomenon of homework spread throughout Europe and even to America.

Ks1 Printable Worksheets Different Subjects can be used for any purpose you can use it quickly!

Ks1 Printable Worksheets 1 Digits Number

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Ks1 Printable Worksheets Number

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The Ks1 Printable Worksheets Different Subjects will be very good worksheets used for the students.

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