Jackie Robinson is an African American who first played in the Major League Baseball (Major League Baseball). Branch Rickey, president Brooklyn Dodger calls Jackie to play at the Brooklyn Dodger Baseball Club. Rickey knew very well that his decision would upset white people. At that time there was still a separation between blacks and white people, where whites and blacks could not be together in certain areas such as toilets, bathrooms, eating places, and baseball fields.

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At the beginning of the meeting with Jackie, Ricky reminded that Jackie was well aware of what he would face when he was in a field in the game which had been played by white people, namely he would be insulted and rejected. “Can you hold back your emotions?” That was Ricky’s question to Jackie. Jackie replied, “Do you want to have players who don’t have the guts to fight back?” Ricky replied, “I want to have players who have the courage not to fight back?” Jackie looked at the names of Dodger players on the board hanging on Ricky’s office wall. Then he replied “Give me a uniform. Give me the number. And I will give you the guts. “

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