The day she was released on the American International Toy Fair, Barbie was born on 9 March 1959. Designed by businesswoman Ruth Handler, Barbie soon became a global symbol to show young people that they could be anything they desired, that a woman has options. You can download Girls Coloring Barbie. 

Girls Coloring Barbie

Girls Coloring Barbie. Image via

Whilst she may have not been noticeably aged in the last five decades, Barbie has continually reinvented herself, modified her wardrobe and adjusted her image to represent wider social and cultural transition in various ways. Just get Girls Coloring Barbie. 

Girls Coloring Chibi

Girls Coloring Chibi. Image via

The Barbara Millicent Roberts from the Wisconsin city of Willows was introduced to the world like a prototype for youthful style. But the Swiss Bild Lilli Doll, Barbie’s predecessor, was not as clean.

Girls Coloring Dress

Girls Coloring Dress. Image via

Girls Coloring Flower

Girls Coloring Flower. Image via

Girls Coloring Haircut

Girls Coloring Haircut. Image via

Girls Coloring Hello Kitty

Girls Coloring Hello Kitty. Image via

Girls Coloring Kids

Girls Coloring Kids. Image via

In comparison to the other kids ‘ dolls of that period, Bild Lilli was all a woman with long arms, trendy clothes and sexy make-up. Lilli was a business girl who was called’ blonde bombshell’ based on a comic strip character, and Lilli’s dolls were first offered as grownup news. Well, what do you waiting for? get  Girls Coloring Barbie. 

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