Literacy is indeed a big topic in the world of Indonesian education today. Literacy can be interpreted as the ability to read and write (according to the Oxford Dictionary 7th edition). But in the world of literacy education is rarely used, which is often used is the term language teaching and language learning. Even in the large Indonesian dictionary, the word literacy is absent, therefore the word literacy is rarely used in Indonesia. In the world of education, the first thing to be introduced is reading and writing.

Free Literacy Worksheets Kindergarten

Free Literacy Worksheets Kindergarten. Image via

Free Literacy Worksheets Phonics

Free Literacy Worksheets Phonics. Image via

However, the Indonesian people consider if they can read and write enough. They have not yet realized and explored how many benefits the importance of reading and writing for their lives. Even though in reality literacy is not only the ability to read and write, counting can also be called literacy.

Free Literacy Worksheets Preschoolers

Free Literacy Worksheets Preschoolers. Image via

But, in fact, literacy must be practiced every day. So that literacy culture will continue to develop in Indonesia. Indonesian people consider literacy to be a learning lesson.

Free Literacy Worksheets Syllables

Free Literacy Worksheets Syllables. Image via

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