Imagine if Mark Zuckerberg initially did not understand coding, or did not like psychology, or did not have a purpose to connect people to one another (connecting people), would he be smart enough to create Facebook when he was 19 years old?

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The combination of talent (programmer), passion (create something), and purpose (connecting people) is what makes Mark Zuckerberg quickly learn and successfully develop Facebook to this day. This area is the Golden Area (talent, passion, purpose), if you want to be smarter then find the area.

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Is being smarter will make us successful? No, there is no guarantee that smarter people will succeed, because the reality is that people don’t care how smart you are, whether you are wise in life as long as you don’t bring value to those people they won’t care.

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Clever does not mean success, but using the intelligence that is as good as possible will bring you there. So find something you like, you are an expert, and bring value to others (paid by people). Money. Money is not everything, but almost everything needs money, it never hurts you to learn about financial management and sciences that are closely related to finance.

the secret of success is to activate your right brain. You can use Free Fnaf Coloring Printable to train your mind with the right brain

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Free Fnaf Coloring Printable can be downloaded only by clicking on the right and select save to download the worksheets.

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Well, you can use Free Fnaf Coloring Printable for free. You can use the coloring pages directly.