Hello Bintang Cara’s best friend, As we all know, stars are large, hot, glowing lumps of plasma that float in space and use gravity to maintain their gaseous state. How to Draw Stars Easily and Perfectly. You can take Five Point Star Coloring Full Pages for free usage.

Five Point Star Coloring

Five Point Star Coloring. Image via http://www.supercoloring.com

However, as a graphic icon, the star is described as having five sharp corners. The following are two ways to create a pointed star image (plus one other way as an alternative). Just take Five Point Star Coloring Full Pages.

Sea Star Coloring

Sea Star Coloring. Image via http://coloring-pages-printable.com

Shooting Star Coloring

Shooting Star Coloring. Image via http://coloringpages10.com

Choose the method that you think is the easiest. 1. Draw a pentagon as a guide. Pentagon can be made easily using a pattern ruler. 2. Connect each corner using a straight line. 3. Erase the guide and line drawings inside the star so you get the perfect star shape! 4. Prepare a protractor for the second method. First, make a circle with a cross inside it.

Star Coloring For Kids

Star Coloring For Kids. Image via http://wecoloringpage.com

Star Coloring Free

Star Coloring Free. Image via http://stadriemblems.us

Star Coloring To Print

Star Coloring To Print. Image via http://coloringway.com

Sun Moon And Star Coloring

Sun Moon And Star Coloring. Image via http://www.cool2bkids.com

Measure an angle of 72 degrees from the top of the shaft using a protractor and draw a pointer from the vertex toward the midpoint of the circle. 5. Continue the steps above using the last pointer as the template. Your drawing will have five-pointer lines, including the first pointer axis. 6. Make a straight line that connects all the intersection points between the pointer line and the circle. Then, erase the lines inside the stars. 7. Now, paint or color the perfect star with the color you like! Just get  Five Point Star Coloring Full Pages. 

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