Free and printable Elapsed Time Worksheets to help build your kids’ skill in counting and telling time. The worksheets include time and time elapse questions about the clock on each page. This math worksheet presents your child with word problems about how much time has passed. These math worksheet lesson activities can be used for class or home activity. Below are six versions of our math worksheet on elapsed time.

elapsed time worksheet activity

elapsed time worksheet activity.
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Teaching elapsed time is tricky. Therefore, sometimes teachers prefer to use test sheet like these Elapsed Time Worksheets to see whether or not their students have understood about the concept of time. These printable worksheets for calculating elapsed time include elapsed time from analog clock faces and mixed review practice on start time, end time and elapsed time. In the following worksheet, you have two clocks in each problem, one showing the start time and another showing the end time. Write the time shown on both clocks and compute the elapsed time.

elapsed time worksheet for kids

elapsed time worksheet for kids.
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elapsed time worksheet fun

elapsed time worksheet fun.
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Have the students practice elapsed time with this extensive set of elapsed time worksheets. There is a variety of different tasks in this resource both with digital and analog clocks. Telling time is one thing but calculating elapsed time can be a bit harder. This set of elapsed time worksheets is perfect for your kids’ practice.

elapsed time worksheet page

elapsed time worksheet page.
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elapsed time worksheet printable

elapsed time worksheet printable.
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elapsed time worksheet practice

elapsed time worksheet practice.
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Practice math problems like elapsed time with these online worksheets. Click on the image of worksheets to download and get started right away!

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