There are many benefits of coloring. One way to develop the skills of toddlers in drawing and coloring by scribbling activities. Toddler children really like this activity. Usually appears at the age of 2 years, in the form of lines that have not been meaningful. At the age of 3 years, he can draw curved lines, squares, circles, and above the age of 4 years generally begin to be able to draw the shape of the house, people, and others.

Easy Coloring Pages Butterfly

Easy Coloring Pages Butterfly. Image via

You can facilitate your kids with Easy Coloring Pages for Simple Coloring Activity. The coloring pages are free. You just need to download all the coloring pages.

Easy Coloring Pages Hello Kitty

Easy Coloring Pages Hello Kitty. Image via

Initially, the way the child holds the scribble is still rough, so the doodles are still in the form of irregular lines. However, the longer it will get better with the frequency of doing this activity, which also means the way to hold the tool better. That is why this activity is very helpful in developing fine motor skills, which will be needed for drawing, coloring, writing, and so on.

Easy Coloring Pages Hippo

Easy Coloring Pages Hippo. Image via

Easy Coloring Pages Minion

Easy Coloring Pages Minion. Image via

Scribbling activity is also natural creativity that exists in each child and becomes a medium for him to express himself, both thoughts and feelings. If he is angry, for example, of course, the scribbling will be different if he is happy again. Another benefit, children learn to recognize colors and feel happy to be able to “work”.

Easy Coloring Pages Mountains

Easy Coloring Pages Mountains. Image via

Easy Coloring Pages Dinosaur

Easy Coloring Pages Dinosaur. Image via

Easy Coloring Pages for Simple Coloring Activity can be downloaded only by clicking on the right and select save to download.

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