Cells are the smallest unit of living things which are the basic constituents of body parts. Cells were first observed and identified by British physicist Robert Hook in 1665. Then, two German scientists – Schwann and Schleiden put forward the new principle of cells in 1893.

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All living things are made up of one or more cells. Cells are the basic unit of structure and function in living things
Other cells originate from pre-existing cell replication processes

Animal Cell Coloring Key Labeled

Animal Cell Coloring Key Labeled. Image via http://radrecipes.org

Cells are divided into 2 types, namely eukaryotes and prokaryotes. Eukaryotic cell type is a cell that has a cell nucleus (nucleus). While prokaryotes are known as cells that do not have a nucleus. The following are other characteristics of the two cell types that the RG Squad needs to know!

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Animal Cell Coloring Key Free. Image via http://academics.pottervilla.com

This cell type is the most complex cell compared to prokaryotic cells. Eukaryotic cells have a membrane that binds the nucleus with other cell organelles in the cell. Cell organelles that are mutually bound together form a functional cellular system. The following are some characteristics of eukaryotic cells.

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Animal Cell Coloring Key Diagram. Image via http://radrecipes.org

Prokaryote Cells. Prokaryotic cells are the first organisms that live on earth. Organisms belonging to this cell type include archaebacteria/eubacteria and blue-green algae.


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