School homework can train children to be disciplined. Basically, Homework is an obligation that must be carried out by the child so that he will try to obey the teacher’s instructions to do it as well as possible. Children have daily routine activities such as learning, watching TV, playing, music lessons, and so on. When given homework to do at home, the child will learn to adjust the existing daily activity schedule so he can finish his homework.

5th Grade Worksheets Christmas Math

5th Grade Worksheets Christmas Math. Image via

Working on homework may not be a fun activity compared to other daily routine activities such as playing bicycles, watching TV, practicing music, caring for plants, and so on. Children will try to do homework because it is an obligation that must be carried out. This can foster children’s motivation to prioritize activities related to school activities.

5th Grade Worksheets Compound Word

5th Grade Worksheets Compound Word. Image via

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5th Grade Worksheets Math Puzzles

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5th Grade Worksheets Math Volume

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5th Grade Worksheets Personification

5th Grade Worksheets Personification. Image via

5th Grade Worksheets Reading

5th Grade Worksheets Reading. Image via

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